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Our sponsors include employers, colleges and community groups with one thing in common.  They all value the mental health of their organizations and the people they reach.

Many of our sponsors have made Community Cares Training a mandatory requirement.  They report:

* More effective engagement with supported persons.

* Better teamwork.

* A more professional & philosophical approach to work.

* Happier & healthier people.

* More confidence & competence when experiencing mental health crisis.

"For me, this course was like having someone with a very bright flashlight guide me through the forest at night. I admit that I used to be scared by anything involving mental illness, but now I feel inspired and confident."

                   - Victor B. (Community Policing Manager)

SPONSORSHIPS significantly reduce the certification fee (by at least 50%) and make the enrolment process faster and more efficient for your team members.

Click below or contact us for a custom option to fit your needs.

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