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Your mind matters.

Most mental health training is actually mental illness trainingbut GFY is different.

GFY is your opportunity to use the lessons of positive psychology and emotional intelligence to improve the resilience, confidence and connectedness of your team.  The aim is to help learners develop life skills that bolster them when work and life become too demanding.

GFY is taught in person with your team. Lessons are experiential and are designed to build trust and cohesion. The training is fun, unique, challenging and designed to change lives.

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Made to measure.

Every GFY course is uniquely designed for your team's needs.  

Available modules include:

  • Our Hidden Mind

  • The Power of Altruism

  • Achieving Balance

  • Effective Agency and Advocacy

  • Gratitude and Inventorying

  • Empathy, Amends and Forgiveness

  • Action Emotions versus Immersive Emotions

  • Relational Tools: Limits and Connections

  • Ourselves and Self-Esteem

  • Leaning In: Addressing Anxiety and Adversity

  • Reflective Practice: Using our Minds to Build Our Minds

Every module includes:

  • Review and reflection

  • Lecture

  • Interactive exercises and discussion

  • Work in real life

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1. We're on a mission to make community mental health better, so GFY is affordable.  You'll be surprised!

2. GFY is not your usual training. Learners have to participate, both in the class and in the exercises between sessions.  The training starts off slow and works to build up learners' comfort  levels, but this is not a "sit-and-take-notes" class.  

3. GFY is not just for workplace teams.   It has been used effectively in college cohorts, supportive housing programs and youth groups.  It's for everyone.

"In just four sessions, GFY changed my life.  I still use what I learned everyday."

                                               - Doug U.

"After bringing this training in for our leadership team, I now want to use it across my whole organization"

                                               - Pete S.

"I used to be overwhelmed by anxiety, but now I welcome adversity with confidence because of this training."

                                                - Anna L.

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Please answer a few questions to help us make a course that fits your needs. We'll get back to you promptly.

We'll be in touch soon.

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